Pet Courier Services

I provide safe and comfortable courier services for high quality puppies. Currently, I work with Once Upon A Doodle and Hilltop Labradoodles based in the Northern Colorado area.

What is included?

The experience of having your new pet family member hand delivered to you will be super easy! A typical courier package includes professional communication, personal care and delivery of your pet, roundtrip flight, one way pet ticket, extra toys, and a health certificate.


Hand delivering your puppy across the United States via interstate flights is my most popular courier service. I take care and deliver your puppy to your home city and meet you at the airport. Common places I fly to include: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Houston, Cincinnati, Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Tampa, and more! Packages start at $1,200 with the average package costing $1,300.

I can safely deliver your puppy or dog to any place in Northern Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Estes Park) or Southern Wyoming (Cheyenne, Laramie). Packages starts at $100 per pet.

International hand deliveries can be complicated (special permits, proof of vaccinations, health certificates, etc.,). In some situations or countries, it may not be possible.


The cost will still follow the typical pricing structure (as outlined below), but will also include an international delivery fee and any associated tariffs or permit fees.


Please contact me for more details.

Price breakdown

There are many steps to ensure your puppy is safely hand-delivered. The hand delivery fee is $600 + travel arrangements. Here is a typical price breakdown of what you pay for domestic hand delivery:


Hand delivery fee ($600) + Pet ticket ($100-$150) + Courier roundtrip flights ($100-$800) + Incidental & miscellaneous fees ($200-$300) = Total cost: $1,200-$1,800*


*This is just an example estimate for a United States delivery. Prices often vary depending on the airport, time of year/week/day, changing prices, special requests, customs & permit fees (for international), and other factors. Please contact me for a quote. 

The process

The most important part of the delivery process for you is communication. The breeder and I will be communicating with you to make travel arrangements and answer any questions you may have. 


A hand delivery can be expensive, so I do my best to keep the price down for you by choosing the best flights. I will most likely fly United, but I may also fly JetBlue, American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, or others. I use software made for travel agents known as Mondee to do this.


Once I land with your puppy, I will text to let you know. We will meet right outside of the secure area (likely near baggage claim or the lounge area). This is where I will check your ID, have you sign the contracts and submit the payments (if applicable), give you a complimentary gift bag (from your breeder), and of course… your puppy!


Your drive back home from the airport is important. Here is some advice from Sydnee at Once Upon A Doodle:
“When you get back to your home airport give the puppy some water so that the puppy does not get dehydrated. On the drive home do not let the puppy look out the side window as this can cause the puppy to get motion sick. It is fine if the puppy looks out the front or back window. If you drove by yourself it is best to tie the leash up or put the puppy in a crate in the car so that the puppy does not try to crawl on your lap while driving.”


If you are interested for more information, please contact me or contact your breeder.